Ring, makers of the video doorbell by the same name, has introduced a second generation of the popular outdoor home security device packing a number of notable improvements over the original.

For those that can’t tap into an existing doorbell system for power (like if you live in an apartment or rental), battery power is the way to go. The problem with the first-gen model is that you’d have to take the entire unit indoors every few months to top off the battery.

With the revised unit, there’s now a removable, rechargeable battery that’s easy to get to and can be recharged using the included micro-USB cable.

Another worthwhile update is a bump to 1080p video quality. The original, if you recall, was only good for 720p (1,280 x 720) video. It does appear, however, that you’ll lose a bit of coverage as the old camera is listed with a field of view of 180° versus just a 160° field of view on the new model (yet you still get 180° horizontal motion detection).

The second-gen model also includes swappable faceplates should you decide to paint your house or move and an improved infrared night vision mode.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is on sale as of writing at retail locations including Home Depot and Best Buy as well as through Ring’s website for $199.