Blizzard considering Diablo 3-related game for consoles


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Speculation went rampant earlier this week when Blizzard Entertainment advertised several positions under its "Diablo III" official site that appear to relate to the development of the highly anticipated RPG for home consoles. Specifically, the post called for a lead designer, lead programmer and senior producer with prior experience in console game development as well as experience with shipping or porting multi-platform games.

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I wouldn't mind a console spin off. Diablo for the PS was a fun game.
And it sounds hopeful that they wouldn't hold up D3 for so I'm game.


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I agree with Superpeter, As long as they absolutely do not hinder the PC development in anyway, sure why not release a console version.

Blizzard sound fairly convincing when they make statements like that,

On the other hand crytek have tried to say a similar thing about crysis2, some how, i don't trust there word.

Hope they prove me wrong though!


Blizzard, dont! consoles dont give us pc users good games, so dont give it to them! kill console, PC FTW!!!!


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hello ...

i don't care for in the end i'll buy a PC version :) ...yet if it remains exclusive to PC would be better for i don't want hardware limitations.



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I could see them developing something along the lines of a God of War like game but in the Diablo Universe which thinking about it could be amazing. Shoot, they tried something like that before with Starcraft Ghost a third person stealth game which if it ever came out would be amazing. I just don't see Blizzard dropping support for their core PC franchises, and more likely them wanting to expand into more mainstream genres which could be great if the quality is still alive.


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Can't say I didn't see this coming sadly......I just hope they don't put this first over the PC development and make it a port to the PC.


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It's obvious they would make console games , it makes sense . Obviously i hope they focus on PC as there main focus , and as long as it doesnt ruin there PC games then fair enough. Blizzard make great games and it would be sad to lose them to console's but i dont think/ hope that will happen.

Diablo is a game that would suit console and xboxlive/PS3N . Cant wait for D3 on PC , if its as good as SC2 i will be very happy.