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Jul 31, 2009
  1. Hey guys im having a problem with my computer. i haven't used it in a while so i had it stored in my closet for around 1-2 months, but then i decided to take it back out and use it. it was working fine for at least 2-3 days, but i don't know what happen and it just froze up and so i turned it off manually, and when i turned it back on it says that it couldnt start up and it ask me what mode i wanted (safe..etc) i tried all of them none of them seem to work... every single one would end up at the blue error screen everytime. it has been going on for like a month now and i cant find my XP cd anywhere.

    What should i do? and what could i do?


    D3CRYPTM4ST3R TS Rookie Posts: 54

    It is your Graphic card buddy !

    I had experienced something like that twice before , What i did back then was to format my Computer and reinstall the OS at first(You cannot obviously do that since you lost XP-Disks) and the second time it happened i figured out my graphic card was defect , As far as i am concerned That is a Graphic Card problem. Try borrowing an old functioning graphic card from one of your friends, replace yours and try booting. if it functioned throw out your Graphic Card and buy a new one, else post back, i am interested to finding out a definite solution to that Problem.
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    isnt there a way to download the OS disk? if there is ill try both ways, how can it be the graphic card i think its because i turned it off manually. haha but ill try both ways and ill let you know what the outcome is. thanks for your input
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    Have you taken note of the error that comes up on the BSOD?
    When exactly does the BSOD come up? Immediately after the mode select, or after you log in to Windows?

    D3CRYPTM4ST3R TS Rookie Posts: 54

    Why dont u download a linux version . here u can get a Live-CD version of Knoppix Distrubution just to make sure your hardware (In this case Graphic card ) is OK. It is a version that u can boot directly from the CD without the need to install on your hard drive. You can boot on Knoppix backup your Files on a portable Harddrive or a USB stick . then format your computer. Knoppix can also let u know if there is any Problem with your Hardware. U can download it free from this website: ( .

    As for XP-Disks , You can download ta set of recovery disks from the website of the Company which made your Computer(HP SAMSUNG NEC ..etc.) . I dont know from where you can get it. it depends on your Computer. And i don t think u can find any legal XP OS downloads from Microsoft or something.

    as for turning off the Computer manually . I guess it is a very bad idea especially when the Computer is processing something . There is a chance Components stop working that way. A friend of mine made something like that once and then had to buy a new set of RAMs. for the Moment i guess that through KNOPPIX u can get a clear idea about the kind of Problem u have (Mainly wether it is a hardware problem or not ).
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