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Jan 13, 2004
  1. Ok, i've done a search on the error i have been getting, but i havent found anyone with the *exact* error. And i think it may be a boot sector error, from the main part, but i've formatted and reinstalled windows and it still occurs. Im really lost. Heres the error in total.

  2. ak_in_charge

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    If you have already formatted and reloaded and that didn't work...

    Bad HD maybe??? or possible power supply issuse.

    Just a thought.
  3. mxlegend99

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    yeah, bad hard drive seems likely to me. Or bad ide controller or something. I think i need a new motherboard. Its an intel d850gb, and has next to no features in the bios to mess with. Its using RD Ram, which is really unreliable. Im not my 4th set of RD Ram in this thing, its my work machine. Im hoping for an upgrade soon though, the new PCs havent been clocking in at less then 2.8Ghz with 2Gig of Dual Channel DDR Ram. Where using graphic intensive programs and need speed, this thing is a 400mhz 1.8 with 512 RD..... im hoping in a sense it never works so i get a new beast:D
  4. Steverz

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  5. mxlegend99

    mxlegend99 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yeah, i had an MSN Group thing with that information. It didnt appear to help me in any way though :( Its just let me know that its related to the hard drive in some way. The boot sectors are corrupted, or maybe hard drive controller and so on. BUt thank you anyways, theres alot of other things there that could help. If not, i guess im gonna have to get em to spring for my new machine.... afterall this one is over 3years old:( And im using alot of memory hungry programs like illustrator and photoshop and running 1600x1200 on my 22inch monitor.... This machine is kinda old to pump that out:grinthumb
  6. ccessex

    ccessex TS Rookie

    I am getting the same error:
    The difference is that I get this at start up, so cannot Boot at all!

    I have done everything possible, as far as I am aware, but it still does this even with everything removed from the MOBO??

    This happened after I had just installed the latest updates from microsoft, before that it was working perfectly, and it wasn't until I went to switch on the following day that this problem reared it's head.

    I went out and purchased another HDD but I can't get past this error screen to Format/Install onto it?

    I have reset the MOBO using the CMOS Jumper, but has no effect on it......

    The HDD, Memory & cards all work fine in my other PC.

    I tried the Link given above, but microsoft says it can't find that page??

    Does this mean a New MOBO????


  7. dumbtechie

    dumbtechie TS Rookie

    Blue Screen

    Yep, I have same error, same motherboard, same symptoms. All fine until you reboot the machine after new install or get Xp updates.
    I reflashed the bios with latest version 18 and no change.
    Still blue screen.
    I think it is power supply issue not hard drive issue.
    I can get into hard drive in safe mode.
    I am not going to replace powersupply...
    Maybe time for a new machine. This one originally ran Win ME just fine.
    If you found a solution let me know
    Otherwise I am deep sixing this machine
  8. ccessex

    ccessex TS Rookie

    Found it to be a mixture of eveything.

    Seems that something has been written to the memory & harddrive.

    I checked out the memory individually, I have 3 sticks of 512, and they all checked out ok, until put back into a machine.

    The hdd I could only gain access to by wiring it as a cdrom drive, then I could get the information from it.

    I bought a new hdd, still had the same blue screen message.

    I bought a new set of memory sticks, still the same blue screen message.

    I bought a new mobo and used the same memory and hdd, still had the same blue screen message.

    Removed the old hdd from the cdrom port, and changed the bios to boot from the cd...this worked!

    On my previous mobo, it did not have the facility to change the boot order, and this is why I was having the problems.

    It meant having to re-install from scratch, but it is working now.

    So you could try changing your bios to boot from the cdrom before binning it.

  9. dumbtechie

    dumbtechie TS Rookie


    Are you saying switch the hard drive to the CD ROM cable and then tell the BIOS to boot that hard drive as if it is the CDROM?
  10. ccessex

    ccessex TS Rookie

    No, don't do that...

    I was meaning that I had to do this to make the hdd a removeable drive so I could read it, and get the info from it would no longer boot the machine.

    Changing the bios to read the cd as the first boot device was the only way I could install windows onto a new hdd, because even with a new hdd the error would stop the process, so the only way was to make the cdrom the boot device, then switch it back when windows has been reinstalled.

    To clarify::

    1/ restart PC, press DEL to bring up the BIOS;
    2/ change bios to make the cdrom the 1st boot device;
    3/ put Windows cd in cdrom (don't install);
    4/ switch off PC;
    5/ install new hdd;
    6/ switch PC back on;

    this should now overide the error message and go straight into installing windows onto the new hdd.

    Once windows has been installed::

    7/ restart PC and press DEL to get back to the BIOS;
    8/ change the boot device back to hdd0;
    9/ switch off the PC;
    10/ attach the old hdd to the SLAVE cdrom;
    11/ restart the PC;

    it should now see the old hdd as a cdrom device, and you should be able to access it to get the information off of it, or Cut & Paste onto the New hdd.

    Once done, you can Format the old hdd ready to use again as a Slave hdd if you wish.

    When finished, don't forget to remove the hdd from the cdrom cables.
    You can attach it back to act as a Slave on the hdd cable if you wish.
  11. dumbtechie

    dumbtechie TS Rookie

    Well I am actually able to install windows. I get the BSD after the first reboot.
    However...I fiddled around with the boot order and looked at drivers and reset all my cards and memory into the motherboard...still got Blue Screen of Death...then following an idea from you...I unplugged the CD and DVD cables completely.
    Now machine boots fine...except I have no CD or DVD.
    Gonna see if there is a driver compatablity issue ... at least I have the darn thing isolated. Thanks for the heads up
  12. ccessex

    ccessex TS Rookie

    Pleased you found something in my post that helped.

    Glad you managed to isolate the problem, and got it back up and running.

    Good Luck.

  13. dumbtechie

    dumbtechie TS Rookie

    So After disabling the CD and DVD i was able to get XP to load. Then was able to install SP2 without any Blue Screen of Death showing. Once SP2 was installed I plugged the DVD and CD back in and they were found with no problem. Machine works fine now. Almost ended up in the bin...thanks
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