Blue screen: graphics card broken?

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I get an empty Bluescreen when playing 3D games, mostly after a quite short time, but some games I can play up to a few hours. When I start a 3DMark 2005 test, the Bluescreen appears immediately after the first frame.
The event viewer displays the following error codes:
1000007f (0000000d, 00000000, 00000000, 00000000)
At the beginning some 8E errors appeared, but I didn't find them in the last Bluescreens.

Specs of the 5yr old PC:
Asrock K7NF2-RAID (RAID disabled)
Athlon XP 2500+ Barton @3200+ (12x200MHz)
Sapphire Radeon 9800Pro
160GB Maxtor HDD
Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic

The Bluescreens also happen without overclocking.

The Bluescreens appears since two days after installing my new Zalman CPU-Cooler and like I said, just when I play games with newer 3D graphic.
Memtest86 and Prime95 ran hours long without any problems or bluescreens.

I already formatted the PC and reinstalled Windows with the newest drivers for all devices (but I also tried it with older ones / without soundcard / etc), but the problem is still existing.

So I expect the graphic card to be broken, but I just want to be sure before buying a new one.

Would be great, if someone can say for sure which part is broken or what I could do to test it further.

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Edit: added Minidump
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Seems like the problem is solved. I'll run some benchmarks tomorrow just for stress testing.

Do you know what causes that problem? I had also tried some older original and DNA drivers, but it didn't work, but everything seems okay now.

Thank you, you saved my day. :)
The same problem...

I'm having the same problem, Blue screen, and error. Also, before the BS i have some error sounds with no messages and i can't open applications, files or close them.

I've installed yesterday the GTA 4 and his crack, i think that have a trojan/virus. ¿Do you install it? (Grand Theft Auto 4 (IV))
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I didn't install anything before it happened, besides I had reinstalled Windows and all drivers before. So it was just a driver problem.

3DMark ran through a few hours, without any errors, it really was just the driver (original/DNA).
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