Blue screen killed my laptop entirely

By i_am_SiD
Jul 7, 2008
  1. I recently installed Daemon tools pro, and company of heroes. I tabbed out of the game and got my first blue screen of death that said "dumping physical memory" , so i restarted and it and everything still worked. I left it on over night, and when i woke up, the blue screen was there again. But this time, when i restarted, the computer wouldn't even begin to start. The screen stays blank, discs are not being read, only the power turns on, and i cant hear the hard drive. I'm inclined to think it shorted itself out and some connections are fried. Because regardless of software issues, i still think the screen should power on. Anybody able to help me? i have lots of work to do, and don't want to buy a new laptop :(

  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    As a possible quick fix.

    Remove all power (including battery on laptops)
    Hold the ON button in for 30 sces (dispersing all internal voltage)
    Put the power cord securely back in
    Try turning on the computer again
  3. i_am_SiD

    i_am_SiD TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Had my fingers crossed, but didn't quite work. I've got a nice toshiba satelite that i paid 1600 for about a year and a half ago. Warranty expired :( lol. I think they might be timed to self destruct. Thank you for the good suggestion though.
  4. kimsland

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    Ok next good suggestion.

    Remove all the power again
    Turn the laptop over and remove the cover for the Ram, and reseat it (the ram that is)
    Then remove the screw (usually one screw) holding the HardDrive in, then remove the HardDrive.
    At this point you could do the disperse voltage idea again (with the HardDrive out)

    Then put the HardDrive back in (securely) plus screw
    Then put the power in only and turn on.
    Fingers crossed.
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