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Blue screen Windows Stop Error

By niclasehn ยท 4 replies
Oct 11, 2007
  1. Hi!

    I'm having problem with windows rebooting randomly. This is the error message in the blue screen apearing:


    BCCode : 1000000a
    BCP1 : F78AB2D0
    BCP2 : 00000002
    BCP3 : 00000001
    BCP4 : 804D9B68
    OSVer : 5_1_2600
    SP : 2_0
    Product : 256_1

    Do you have any idea of how to solve this? it's quite a pain in the..

    All tips are warmly welcome!

  2. peterdiva

    peterdiva TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,088

    All the crashes are caused by your Intel PRO/Wireless LAN Driver. See if there's an update available.

    BugCheck 1000000A, {f78ab2d0, 2, 1, 804d9b68}
    Probably caused by : w70n51.sys ( w70n51+2a3ae )
    Image name: w70n51.sys Timestamp: Mon Oct 13 21:11:51 2003 (3F8AA497)
  3. pankajdata4u

    pankajdata4u TS Rookie


    This blue screen problem is basically due to the unexpected driver loded in your memory ,so to solve it just switch the comp in safe mode and try to uninstall that driver .
  4. pankajdata4u

    pankajdata4u TS Rookie

    I have one problem , when i install windows Xp on the SATA 160Gb harddrive ,I found one problem .The OS is loaded but when reboot the screen goes black blank. My configuration is :
    Mother board :INTEL 865
    RAM : 2GB
    Harddrive : Seagate barocoda 7200.10 160Gb

    The installation get intrupped ,during the second stage of installation ,ie after formating of drive .....copying of data to the drive and then reboot ...but after that ....blank scren.

    anybody please help ,if any driver is needed please help me to sort out it .
  5. slaypelz

    slaypelz TS Rookie

    blue screen crash when installing windows

    Hi, I'm in over my head...

    recently my pc got infected by several viruses due to plain lazyness. So I backed up my files and decided to reinstall to get proper fresh start and a new proper antivirus and malware protection. Fine...

    But when I wanted to reinstall some problems arose: when starting up the install programme I'm asked wether to install scsi drivers from a floppy and answer yes, since I want my OS on my SATA 320gb drive. It all seemed to work just fine until I got to the point where I need to choose the slow or fast way of installing, and when choosing the slow one it just crashes at once telling me something about "IRQL less than equal". When choosing the fast option the error doesn't occur until switching form "Preparing installation" to "Installing windows".

    I somehow thought it was me harddrive messing up (which it might be??) so I got a new one, and the new one was fine by doing the slow way and formatting the new drive, but the same problem occured when it was about to start the install process.

    I've also gotten messages like "bad pool-something"

    The cpu, ram, all connections and wires seem fine - could it be the power supply?
    outdated drivers? The insides of my pc are pretty dusty

    By now it's just booting, restarting install process and re-booting...

    I'm in tears

    My specs:

    Windows XP Home
    gigabite GA-k8n-sli
    4 blocks of 521mb ram
    AMD athlon 64 +3500
    Nvidia Geforce gt7800 (I think)
    Sata 320gb harddrive
    power: axt12v. Rating output watts 400w, input 230v, 50hz, 4a
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