Bolster your IT resume with three top-tier certifications

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As tech continues to boom, companies need IT experts to ensure their networks keep pace with their growth. The Cisco Complete Network Certification Training is a smart way to get there. Now only $59, this training pack will show you how to build reliable and scalable networks as you prepare to ace three industry certification exams.

As you make your way through over 150 modules of training, you’ll master the fundamentals of IP networking protocols. This training will teach you the essentials behind improving network traffic flow and will help tailor your skills for working with corporate networks. With a year’s access, you can take your education at your own pace and learn from a mix of instructor-led videos and self-assessment tools.

This training also comes loaded with resources to help you pass the Cisco CCNA, CCNP, & CCENT exams. Make your way through the complete training, and you’ll be ready to add three of the industry’s top IT certifications to your resume, making you a higher-value employee and job candidate.

Normally $775, the Cisco Complete Network Certification Training is available to our readers for only $59 -- that’s more than 90% off its usual retail price.

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I'm pretty sure their security quals were dispensed from a toilet roll.
Well, since a lot of the more modern toilet rolls have absolutely stellar water-absorbing qualities, I think it's quite frankly, very plausible that one could say they were well-equipped for drying up any of the water used to put out the proverbial server-room fire.