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By Aimee3575
Feb 8, 2013
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  1. I got mom a new desktop also and I installed Windows 7 home 64 bit and I can get it to boot by pressing F9 for bootmenu and choosing the hard drive, but it won't boot on its own. If I try to restart it, the fans are running but the LED on the power switch turns off and there is no signal to the monitor. I have tried changing the BIOS settings so that the boot priority is the hard drive first, but it never saves it. Every time I do get it to boot correctly, it says configuring windows settings and goes through the process again. Also if I turn it off, then back on without flipping the power switch in the back, it starts without the LED on and without anything sending to the monitor. Any ideas? Other than that, once it starts everything works, all drivers are installed, the internet works, everything except booting properly. Thanks, Aimee.
  2. monton

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    When you are in W7 right click my computer (or go to my computer) manage - disk management
    In the display is C: the Boot, Pagefile, Crash dump,Primary Partition?
    It seems the computer is looking to the wrong partition or drive during boot.
    Is there more than 1 hard drive in the computer?

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