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Boot keeps running chkdsk on secondary drive

By fnugen
Jul 20, 2008
  1. I had XP pro installed recently on a new HDD........been merrily trying to get the updates when I started running into an issue with getting the SP3 downloaded. I would go to windows tells me it's readying the download.....then nothing for however long I let it sit. No progress bar at all. If I download ONE update, it works as normal. Anyway, since trying to get system continuously runs CHKDSK on my D drive (nothing but game files on it) at boot. It takes about 10mins each time. I went to defrag it to see if it might have anything to do with it.......but when I try, it tells me it can' D drive is scheduled to have chkdsk run on it. I did nothing to schedule a chkdsk since I never have scheduled one, and not sure I know how to. Can someone explain how to turn this scheduled chkdsk off?? It's not life altering on a reboot.......just downright annoying to wait so long.

    I mentioned the updates downloading problem in case they may be related.
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  3. fnugen

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    Thanks. I fixed it already. I did an error check on it. After almost 2hrs of it running it's no longer does the CHKDSK. I appreciate the help just the same.
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