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By cujo41
Jun 26, 2008
  1. I am new to this forum, so please excuse my novice inquiry. My computer just crashes and will not boot from the HDD or any CD's. I have tried to press F2 and F10 with out luck. I get the last line of code that says IDE Channel 0 master : ST. Can someone help be change my BIOS to boot from a CD. I cannot even load a new version on Vista or current XP pro CD.
  2. LookinAround

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    hi cujo41

    i'm sure someone can help with your problem (i'm about to go to bed!)

    but you must first provide some specifics about your system specs. If you edit your TechSpot profile you'll see where you can provide system specs on your computer so people have the information needed to help with answers.
  3. kimsland

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    It's not finding your HardDrive at all

    This can be due to internally data (or power cabling) that may need to be re-seated

    Or it can be due to your HardDrive has failed (have you noticed any grinding or clicking noises?)

    Or it can be that you actually have a Sata HardDrive.
    Again internally to the computer. You will see a grey flat data (80pin) cable for IDE; or possibly a smaller width red or blue data cable for Sata. Plugged into your internal HardDrive.

    If it is IDE, then go for the reseat option first
    If it is Sata, then you will need to get into CMOS and set P-ATA to Enabled (or Sata enabled)

    I hope this is easy for you to understand
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