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By dotuletz
Aug 23, 2008
  1. This is not a request for help. Sorry if it should of been
    I just wanted to see how fast your computer boots up to a usable desktop.

    I have E2140 dual core processors with 2gb ram on a ecs p4m890t-m mainboard
    Win xp sp2 upgraded to sp3, .net framework v1.1, 2.0 and 3 on, latest software updates and hotfixes, nod32 v2.7, hot keyboard, a download manager and a usb pen always connected, a service from my keyboard starting also upon boot, and folderguard.
    And very,very many programs but they don't start at boot
    But drivers and registry both defragmented and tweaked from a slow to a medium speed (less shadows etc)

    usable desktop around 1.10 seconds

    hope others OS users will post too
  2. Bobbye

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    There are a lot of variables to your question. Someone who boots only with the needed antivirus, firewall and touchpad if laptop will boot fasted than someone who had additional programs and apps on startup, for instance.

    All a system's specs will make a difference, plus a few more differences.

    Then there' s whether it's a cold boot or a warn boot, how long it takes the DNS to register and so on.

    In short, you want to compare apples to oranges- last I heard, it still couldn't be done!
  3. dotuletz

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    I meant after a a clean install of the OS at cold boot (case most people are). Now i don't know about you but i saw many cases where the DNS register is made automatic in 5-10 seconds. that is why i put some specs of mine in the post
    ok... but after a clean install of the os the startup should be the same for systems from 2006 or later

    Do you know any benchmarks on the same system of different os? like xp, vista, leopard, mac x, linux distros ?
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