Bootmgr is missing or disk error on Windows 7 startup?

By gubar
Jun 23, 2012
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  1. Hi,

    recently I have failed to boot with the message "bootmgr is missing" or "there has been a disk error" on windows 7. I installed windows 7 about 3 years ago on a student licence but have lost the disk in the meantime (legitimate disk downloaded and burned when I was a student, still have the key).

    I have downloaded a legit repair disk from microsoft. However, it doesn't recognise my os (the list is blank when I choose repair) and asks that I insert my windows 7 DVD to install drivers to recognise my OS. If I proceed without, it says that my issue cannot be resolved.

    Seems odd that my comp would start sometimes if bootmgr was not present - surely it would either be there or not?

    So basically wondering if there is anthing I can do, with a repair disk but no windows 7 disk to fix this. I run an old dual opteron 280 setup that could be failing I suppose - the hard disk is a samsung HD103SJ that is about as old as the windows install. Clean system so don't think malware is an issue.

    Any help appreciated,


  2. Cobalt006

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    Sounds like your bootmgr is corrupt. If you can borrow a win 7 cd from someone you maybe able to repair it. Or you may just have to reinstall win 7 . Being you still have your key. That should not be a problem as long as win7 version you borrow. Is same version you used the frist time. But on the other side it may be your hard drive. If you can get into your windows now. I would try running a check disk on it. If you do get it back up and running. I would go into maintance on the main menu and make a system repair disk to be on the safe side.
  3. c3h899

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    IF you have a windows Pre-Install Environment or a secondary machine use that. (The first is a Bootable Windows OS on a CD/DVD/Flashdrive) Run a program called BootICE, Install Bootmgr as a you MBR and PBR. Burn this to cd and boot to it. It has what you want and more. It's a must have utility cd (Bootable) Then just follow the instructions suggested prior (by me)

    That should advance you past any boot-sector and boot-manager issues. If you have additional problems respond in here.
  4. jobeard

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