Both Metal Gear Solid V episodes are coming to PC


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Hideo Kojima of Konami fame has confirmed during Gamescom this week that both episodes of Metal Gear Solid V, The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes, will be released on PC via Steam at some unspecified point in the future.

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My God the grammar! Also MGS 1-3 where all on pc at some point if I remember correctly, steam or boxed versions.


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This is great news. I thought I was finally going to have to buy a PS4 for this but guess not.


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No doubt in my mind this would happen, the same goes for Kingdom Hearts 3. Both titles at E3 2013 I got to see in person and both were running on Windows 7 on some unmarked black PCs.

There weren't many titles at E3 2013 that weren't running on Windows 7 (most every next-gen game crashed to Windows desktop at one point or another, even the private Destiny preview I watched) that were reported as "Next-gen console exclusive."

Since HSLS and DirectX on the PS4/Xbox One respectively are both being used to make games compiled on x86, it is just an afternoon's work to rebuild them for Windows and kick them out the door for 30% revenue boost and next-to-zero labor/costs.

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I can't say I'm not happy. But every news like this makes my future purchase of a ps4 less and less justifiable. I could live without MGS and Last of Us...
But it looks like I'll buy a ps4 for just one game: Bloodborne. Which is not entirely a bad thing, I got into pc gaming because I wanted to play one game alone: Dragon Age Origins, and ended up enjoying the pc world and many other games that came after it.