Boxee Box to improve browser, add iPad support


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Boxee aims to release a firmware update for the Boxee Box (and in the future other Boxee-based devices) approximately every three months. The last firmware update was in February 2011 so we can expect the next one in May 2011.

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Has anyone here used or purchased a Boxee Box? I downloaded the Boxee app for the PC but I wasn't too impressed with all the bugs (particularly with MKV files). It's a slick interface though and I like what the company is going for.


I've had problems with my Boxee. It crashes and their tech support is almost non-existent. I am waiting for the new firmware which I hope fixes this Gawd-awful product that I paid $200. Such poor programming and if you look at their forums, there is nothing but issues. I would get a Western Digital media player instead.