Brand New Dell Inspiron 1545 Won't Connect to Internet

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I just bought a brand-new Dell Inspiron 1545. I started the computer, finished the registration and connected to my home wireless networking system. The Dell has Vista OS pre-loaded on it and it showed full connectivity to my internet system. However, once I clicked on Internet Explorer, the page would not load and I could surf to other pages. Thinking it was an Internet Explorer issue, I tried Firefox. Firefox allowed me to go to Google, but nothing else. I spent about an hour on the phone with Dell, who informed me that there have been some configuration problems between Vista, McAfee and Internet Explorer, but they wanted to charge me $250 for a one year software warranty (apparently my warranty is only hardware). I uninstalled the free 30-day trial McAfee but could not still surf the web. I've tried ipconfig as well as other online hints but nothing's worked. I was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem. I'm pretty close to just returning the Dell to the store and looking for another brand. Thanks in advance!
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Yes, I can connect using an Ethernet cord. The Comcast technical website (our home internet provider) shows that my computer is connected via Ethernet and wirelessly, but I still can only surf the web when I'm connected with an Ethernet cord.


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What Router are you using? (if you are using Linksy) I'd give them a call and ask them to help you (blame it on your router) and they will walk you through setting it up for free (your wireless)..

oh: dont agree to the "pay and let them do it" have them do the walk thru with you for free :)

I had this same issue and it took about 30minutes to fix.

p.s. I sorry you have Comcast /hug
Brand new Dell 1545 with same issue.

I will try calling Comcast as I have exhausted all other options and this has been so annoying but it is good to finally find someone with the exact same issue. Thanks for the tip but does anyone have any other way to reconfigure the router without me having to call? The girl I talked to yesterday was clueless.



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Send it back. Start over.
Let Dell put pressure on Comcast if needed
Let Dell do the right thing and send you something that works... do it while you still have your free return privilege.
HP had a similar issue, and they sent us new and better models of computer.
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