Brand-new Netbook freezes when idle, can only reboot with manual restart

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I bought this netbook on black friday and had done a ton of reviews on it and everyone gave it 5 stars. I got it at BestBuy and they had said that they opened it from the manufacturer and uninstalled all the trial software and installed an Anti-virus program. Aside from that, all I've installed software-wise is Skype. I have no issue with the computer if I am actively surfing or working on a document. But if I pull up a web page that has a lot of text and I'm reading it for a while, or if I walk away from it and leave it, it freezes after only a few minutes. Also, I can't close the laptop while it's on otherwise when I open it again it will show me the screen "User Name, 1 application running" but when I click it, it doesn't do anything. I have run all the spyware checks and anti-virus and it's clean. I have also changed the power options so that it doesn't hibernate and shut of screen savers. This hasn't helped. It really is a great little computer otherwise and I'd like to fix it rather than take it back for a refund. Does anyone have any ideas? I really don't think it's a heat issue since it sometimes only happens after 2 minutes and it isn't hot at all. Could it be the ram? I can't reboot Windows in it since I don't have a portable USB Optical drive and the netbook itself has no CD-ROM. Here are the stats:

OS: Windows XP (service pack 3)
Model: Compaq Mini 110-100DX
Intel Atom N270 / 10.1" LED / 1GB DDR2 / 160GB HD / Built-in HP webcam / 802.11b/g


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Sounds like there is an issue with the motherboard or (Atom or the RAM) Let HP repair the problem if they can. Cheaper for HP to just give you another netbook.
Brand New Netbook Freezes

Hello - I am having the SAME problem and I took the netbook back to best buy and of course the "Geek Squad" can find nothing wrong with it. They will not return it or replace it until they find a problem.

Have you gotten any more information about why your system freezes?
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