Brand new PC, BSOD, no safe mode or system restore/recover

By enforcer
Nov 11, 2010
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  1. hey, guys...

    my setup goes a little like this..
    i7 processor
    3x2gb ddr3 corsair ram
    asus p6x58d-e motherboard
    ati radeon 5970 2gpu-2gb video card

    just freshly set up by NCIX in vancouver.

    so, got the system with windows 7 64 bit freshly installed. installed all my drivers and whatnot... fired up good ol starcraft 2. here are the issues that occured

    1. started up starcraft 2, weird black squares filled the entire screen. quickly exited and restarted system.

    2. started up starcraft 2 again. everything was going fine for about 15 minutes. then i got the blue screen of death and my computer was making loud clicking noises. shut computer off.

    3. everything was working fine until today. computer will not start, freezes on windows loading screen. ran a windows memory test, no errors appeared. cannot restore windows, cannot recover from a cd. (error: cannot copy file to ram)

    i am so frustrated... been working on this for hours and hours.

    any help or diagnosis of any sort would be really appreciated.


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