Brief freezing / stuttering

By jamesrav
Jun 25, 2010
  1. I was wondering if the couple second slowdown in a Windows game I like (Zuma)
    that occurs every few minutes, is due to Windows Processes briefly taking up some of the CPU. Do processes such as jqs.exe continue during a game - I can see by viewing the task manager (while doing no processing) that jqs jumps to 10% from time to time, very briefly. I turn off my Avast anti virus (and see that the latest version has a Gaming mode, which I assume means it goes quiet while in Gaming mode). Is this something you just have to live with? I recall when I had to re-install Windows, it didn't experience this stuttering, but obviously over several years time more and more 'stuff' got added.
  2. Route44

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    Give us your system specs particularly your video card and the amount of RAM you have installed.
  3. jamesrav

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    A bit after posting I watched Task Manager for a couple minutes and finally saw the culprit: every so often Skype would take 50% CPU for 2-3 seconds. Once I quit Skype, no more stuttering. Good to have it smoothly running again.
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