BSOD after changing RAM

By cloudstrife87
May 25, 2008
  1. This is my situation: I just got a Compaq Presario c700 notebook with single channel 1gb RAM, while my dad owns Compaq Presario V3000 notebook with two 512mb RAM.

    Yesterday i bought a 2gb RAM, insert into my c700 2nd slot. Before that, i exchanged the 1gb RAM with my dad's 512mb RAM. So the new configuration is my c700 with 2.5gb RAM and my dad's v3000 with 1.5gb RAM.

    Shockingly, BSOD happens when my c700 vista starts up, even my ubuntu 8.04 keeps on restarting. So i remove the 512mb RAM from my c700, left only the 2gb RAM inside the c700. Vista loaded successfully. However, when i load CPU-Z 1.45, BSOD appears and vista restarts.

    I ran memory test in BIOS, and it passes the test. So i load up the CPU-Z 1.45 again and it run smoothly, i thought the problem is solved but then after i restart vista and load CPU-Z again, BSOD crash again.

    I thought i didnt insert the 2gb RAM properly, but even i have reinsert the 2gb RAM many times, the problem still exists.

    So next thing is i thought the new 2gb RAM is faulty, so i insert it into my dad's v3000 together with the original 512mb ram. My dad's v3000 runs smoothly with the 2.5gb RAM configuration and no problems occurs when loading CPU-Z.

    I even just remove all the RAMs and insert back my original 1gb RAM but the problem still exists....sad....

    So it is the CPU-Z bug that is incompatible with my c700, or my c700 ram slot is malfunctioning??

    I have attached the spec of my c700 with Minidumps created from the BSOD crash. Please help me....
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    Which C700 do you have? C700T, C700LA, C700ET, or C700CTO
  4. cloudstrife87

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    Hi Peterdiva, i have uninstalled the Norton Internet Security, but the BSOD still exist when i loads the CPU-Z 1.45. I have attached the new minidump.

    Now the situation is getting worst coz some time the BSOD even appear when i loads Vista :( ....

    Hi Raybay, my model is Presario C769TU....
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