BSOD - Age of Conan - Vista 64x

By Celestrian
Mar 3, 2009
  1. Hi all.

    I realize that my problem might be a bit too spesific for this forum, but I've read several posts here before and found answers, so I thought I'd try posting for once to see if any of you know anything about this.

    First, the computer with the trouble is a laptop
    8800M GTX 512
    P9500 2.53GHz
    DDR3 4GB ram 1066MHz SO-DIMM RAM
    320GB Harddisk SATA 7200RPM 2.5"
    Vista HP 64x

    I've only just recently gotten the computer, so I haven't tested everything yet. I have only encountered BSOD when running Age of Conan, but it also crashes to desktop when playing Darkfall - another online game.

    Besides this the computer works beautifully, except that Firefox crashes a bit more often than I'm used to.

    I am thinking that since it's online games and FF that crashes, maybe it has something to do with my WLAN (I'm usually exclusively on a wireless) or even LAN (even though it's not active) drivers that causes the trouble. I have tried reinstalling these driver, but with not much help unfortunately.

    I will attach a few dumps to see if any of you might help.


  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Most of your errors cite Windows drivers which are too general to be of much help. However, there are two which may lead to conflict resolution.

    One error is 0xD1 and it cited the driver RTKVHD64.sys and the closest definitive answer I can find (even though there are tons of people who have issues with it) is that it belongs to Realtec. Update your Realtec drivers.

    The second error is 0xD3: DRIVER_PORTION_MUST_BE_NONPAGED
    This indicates that the system attempted to access pageable memory at a process IRQL that was too high.

    Cause: This bug check is usually caused by drivers that have incorrectly marked their own code or data as pageable.

    The driver cited is the Nvidia driver nvlddmkm.sys Try updating your video card drivers.
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