BSOD crash physical memory dump on YouTube

By xreaper101
Jul 20, 2011
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  1. Ok, so a few days ago i was going through you tube, watching videos, and i decided to full screen a video. When i full screened, my computer went black for about 5 seconds, after hitting Ctrl + Alt + Del, i blue screened and my computer said something about physical memory dump and it was counting up, once it got to 7 i started freaking out thinking it was a virus so i cut the power, started back up and found my computer was very very slow, i ran a fragment analysis on my hard drive and it was fragmented to heck. Of course the logical thing was to defrag, run full diagnostics, Advanced system care, iobit security 360, avira AV scan, those kinds of things, and for then, my computer was just fine however i hadn't full screened a video since, about an hour ago the same thing happened on you tube, i check my fragmentation, and it was worse than last time. I'm not positive if there is a connection but i'm near positive there is. any advice would be appreciated, please and thank you.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Your hard drive could be failing... Are your video drivers up to date? Have you checked the system memory?

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