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BSOD issues and computer shuts down while gaming

By MarioG
Feb 22, 2011
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  1. hello, i`m new to this website
    i was hoping if someone could help me with my problem here

    ok so as titlte says my computer is shuting down while im playing World of warcraft this is the only game installed on my computer.

    Important Thing i changed my power supply yesterday, because recently i had many BSODs and it just started like that for no reason, i bought my computer like 4 years ago, the only thing i changed is the video card, a couple times and never had any problems.

    So when the BSODs started i remember that i did not changed anything at all for a long time.. everything was running great until i moved to my new house, maybe the computer in the car hit something and created physical issues in the box but i dont think thats the problem because the computer wouldnt start at all right? or i would have noticed something inside computer...well maybe im wrong...the only way i could play on my computer is to plug my monitor on my mother board witch is pretty bad while playing video games :O

    So i formated my computer 3 times; reinstalled and updated all freaking possible drivers and still had blue screens, so i talked to my stepfather and he told me it was probably my power supply not working propertly, so i bought a new one, the one i have right now.

    So tada ! no more BSODs, but my computer shuts down while im playing my game, it happens like 10-20 min after i start the game but my computer is working great, i cant just play video games...

    so any idea whats my problem? is it the CPU or my motherboard? i have no idea what to do right now i tried everything i know, so instead of paying someone to fix my computer id really like to know if you guys see a solution to my problem so i can fix it myself.
    i would really appreciate your comments
    thanks in advance.



    Dual core 5ghz
    3gigs Ram memory
    465w power supply
    Nvidia gt 240 1gig GDDR5
  2. Mark56

    Mark56 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,889

    Firast of all, that new power supply at 465W seems a bit low to me for game use but I would need your full system specs to get a more accurate calculation. Please supply the make and model numbers for mobo & CPU and list all other devices, DVD drives, hard drives, any other cards and external drives,etc. Also the make and model of your power supply.

    If you look in your Event Viewer you should see some critical errors at the time of a shutdown. It will report an error code. This behaviour is often reported as Kernel Power ID 41. This can be due to an inadequate power supply cutting out due to being overloaded.

    Other causes can be faulty Ram, overheating or overclocking.

    Run this free software to keep an eye on your temperatures.


    Please also tell me what your OS is.
  3. MarioG

    MarioG TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you very much for the reply mark, i appreciate that.
    hmm to be honest i have no idea where i can check my full system spec or what my OS is... i only know the basic about computers, like changing my memory rams or video card lol nothing more, sorry about that :S if you can tell where i can find those informations i would really appreciate it :)

    also, when i changed my power supply, i tried to install Service pack 2 vista 32 bits.. and right when it finished my computer started to crash and the first time it happened i had to reboot my computer then it says at the desktop "Find solutions Microsoft bla bla bla" and then i saw on the list SP2 and alot of codes, like i said it shut down while im playing video games, so should i uninstall SP2? but what i dont understand is i always had SP2 so i dont see why now its causing my computer issues... anyway

    right now i have the box of my power supply in my hand and i dont see where is the model or make... i will try to describe it the best i can lol really sorry about that. i dont know much about materials and stuff as you know :S

    ok so its a RP-PS46-465w dual fan RetailPlus+

    idk if that helps

    thanks again for the reply
  4. Mark56

    Mark56 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,889

    Follow this and it will create a report so I can see what is in your system.

    1. Click Start (then Run for XP only) type dxdiag into the search box and hit enter
    2. Notice progress of the green bar in lower left corner of the box.
    3. When done, click Save all Information button and save to your Desktop.
    4. In TechSpot, start a new post by clicking on Go Advanced.
    5. Under additional Options click on Manage Attachments, click on Browse to upload the file from your desktop, and then click on upload.
    6. Finally click on Submit Reply.

    Your OS is Vista 32bit.

    Does your Vista disc have SP2 included or did you download SP2 to install it?

    If you start off with Vista installed with no Service Packs you have to install SP1 first and then SP2.

    If you did not have SP1 already installed when you tried to add SP2 you must uninstall SP2 and then install SP1 and then SP2 again.

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