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By Alwinp
Jan 16, 2009
  1. Yes, another person that got striked with this PITA problem.

    I've already browsed on another topic in this forum (cant post links since my post count is to low)

    But none of them seem to work.

    First i'll explain the problem:

    Windows vista wont boot, regardless what mode
    Vista & xp disc ended up in a BSOD aswell as soon as it starts checking for partitions
    Tried knoppix to. I made it boot through disc, i get like a DOS kinda thingie and then my screen just turns black and does nothing.

    I'm currently downloading a bootable disc with alot of utilities on them. and its my only option left so far.



    I tried to OC my x2 4600+ wich seemed to have failed.
    I did a test with prime & orthos, eventually i stopped both of them and i wanted to put things back at stock. but right after i stopped them i ended up with this.

    OC settings (details for those who know more about it)

    HT link: 4x
    Cpu frew: 230
    CPU volt: 1.35V
    Ram volt: 1.8
    ram speed: 677 (ddr2)
    Pci: 100
    Multiplier: 12x
    temps never reached over 55C. and i actually downgraded my Mobo & ram.

    Things i tried so far:

    I took out both sticks one by one, and booted each time: no luck
    inserted a working HDD along with the one already inside it: no luck
    Only plugged the working HDD: Bsod aswell (different one tho)

    Things ive have yet to try:
    Getting this current (possible) corrupt HDD into this current system
    Replacing cpu (if possible)

    The thing that bugs me more now is the fact that it couldn't even boot a HDD that worked. to be price, it was the HDD i'm using right now...

    I don't mind losing my date, i have most of it backed up.
    All i want is this system to last untill i get a new mobo (wich i planned to buy a while before)

    Could the cause be that my CPU or mobo are dying?
    Any other suggestions are appreciated aswell!
    (i'm really desperate to know what part is broken)

    I managed to install vista, but it seemed to got stuck on "completing installation"
    I ended up resetting and i'm gonna try again.

    Either the HDD is damn slow or something is fishy.

    Whats a good way to check for problems on my HDD?
  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    I noticed something in your post as I read it. You said you tried to OC but it failed. Did you ever try to reset the timings, etc. back to BIOS defaults? You said you wanted to put back at stock but were you ever able to? Sorry if this isn't relevent.
  3. Alwinp

    Alwinp TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yeah i did. i even lowered the ram speed & mulitplier to make sure if that would help.
    Anyway, I got it fixed.

    I used Fdisk to delete every partition, then i ran vista setup. The first time I thought it crashed, but eventually i just had to wait longer.

    No issue's so far at all.
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