BSOD page fault in a nonpaged area

By Freemont7
Sep 8, 2009
  1. My computer is in trouble and I am trying to figure out exactly what is wrong. There are many many posts on various BSOD and page fault in a nonpage area errors that shut the computer down and from what I have been reading there are even more potential causes of this error.

    My computer has a slightly more unique problem and I am hoping that this will help someone point me in the right direction to begin looking for the cause (IE its the drivers or the RAM). I have been referred to a troubleshooting guide by DonNagual on this type of error but as it says in the start it is a "shotgun" approach and I hope to narrow it down a bit. (sorry i cant post the link I don't have enough total posts)

    The computer is a several year old IBM thinkcentre running windows XP. It has not been upgraded from its original hardware of several years ago so it is not very fast or up to date by the standard of new computers. The two ram sticks in the computer are made by different brands.

    With that said, let me describe what happens briefly and hopefully something will point out the problem or at least narrow it down. Several months ago I first received the BSOD error "page fault in a nonpage area" that instantly shut the computer down. I had not recently changed anything/installed anything new or done anything out of the ordinary to my computer. It quickly began to occur frequently, but I have learned to work around the problem. The computer only shuts down when I try to access the harddrive or open anything on the desktop (even a folder) but I can turn the computer on, get online and use any program that has a shortcut on the desktop for hours and even days before it will get a BSOD error. If I turn it on and access my computer and click around, from what I can tell anywhere, after 10-15 minutes it shuts down nearly 100% of the time. I am able to get into the harddrive right after start up and do whatever, say take a program and make a shortcut on the desktop and then access that program from the desktop without trouble.

    I also have noticed that the chance of shutting down seems to increase exponentially the longer it has been on, IE it shuts down in 1-2 minutes if its been on for a few hours and it may shut down instantly if it was on overnight when I access my harddrive.

    I can start the computer in safe mode and access the hardrive, copy/change files with more success than normal but it still shuts down inevitably after maybe 20-30 minutes. The computer also shuts down infrequently (maybe once every few hours to once every few days) when I am using an internet browser or program from a shortcut.

    So I am pretty baffled and trying to fix the problem although I am currently able to use the computer and get most of what I want done. Any help is appreciated and I can provide more information if necessary.
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    Typically, this is caused by faulty RAM. Go here and do a memory test. Follow the guides on the site.
    Please go to \windows\minidump and attach any dump files in the directory which may help.
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