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By souno
Jul 19, 2012
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  1. hi !

    I have been searching lately how to solve my BSOD problem that started to happen two weeks ago and I found this forum most appropriate for that.

    My BSOD, as I said, started to happened two weeks ago. First BSOD happened while I was playing world of tanks, and I thought problem is in the game. After a few days BSOD happened while I was surfing on net and that alarmed me. Anyway, meanwhile I have constant, random BSOD. sometimes after a 6-7 hours, sometimes after a 5-6 minutes after starting my PC.

    I did some PC maintenance, formated HDD and installed a new copy of WIN7, but BSOD still happens and reports two bad files, ntoskrnl.exe and hal.dll, even after and before windows reinsall. I cleaned my PC, all fans, reassembled and cleaned all components. I bought a new graphic cars ati 6790
    memtest86 reports no errors
    prime95 no errors
    diskcheck no errors
    temperatures are OK, psu is Gigabyte - 750 watts

    pc compnents :
    MB: m2n sli deluxe
    CPU: amd phenom II 9950
    RAM: 4 gb ddr 2 800 mhz
    GC: ati 6790

    not overclocked, bios setup is default.

    thanks for any help !

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  2. souno

    souno Topic Starter

    anyone ? techspot ? :D
  3. souno

    souno Topic Starter

    problem solved !
    it was my motherboard... checked all components on other similar PC!
    just to know.. I was searching for problem solution on net for STOP 124 and best option to do is to check all components with other .. good luck all !

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