BSOD, Volume is Dirty problems

By oraclegl2005
Oct 7, 2009
  1. A few times over the past few weeks, I have been getting random BSOD's, and the occasional "The volume is Dirty" messages from chkdsk when I reboot. It always reboots, for now anyway, and I haven't noticed any specific correlation between what I'm doing and when the crash occurs. The first time this happened my computer (a Dell Inspiron 6000) could not locate the HDD when I first tried to reboot, but after waiting a few minutes, it booted up just fine.

    I only seem to have one minidump file, which is attached below, and it looks like ntoskrnl.exe is the problem file. I looked up problems with that file, and some solutions said I need the windows XP disk, which I do not have.

    Any thoughts or idea would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Route44

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    A system thread generated an exception which the error handler did not catch. There are numerous individual causes for this problem, including hardware incompatibility, a faulty device driver or system service, or some software issues.

    As you can see it can be almost anything at this point. yes, it does list an operating system driver as the probable cause but these are too general to be of much help. Try the following:

    1. Go to your Run Box, type in EventVwr.msc (Check Event viewer) for additional information. Pay close attention to see if you have any yellow triangles with exclamation points or Red X's.

    2. Run a harddrive diagnostics. Dell should supply this.

    3. Have you installed anything lately?
  3. oraclegl2005

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    I ran Event viewer, and most of the Red X's I found under Application belonged to Google Update, Windows Search Service, and a couple that belonged to Firefox.

    The other ones I found were under System, and something called SideBySide with Microsoft VC80 when I clicked properties.

    I haven't installed anything new for a while, except SyncBack which was today, just in case my Hard Drive decided to die. Anything I've installed has only been updates of software that's been on my computer for some time now.

    And I am looking in to how to run a diagnostic test right now.
  4. oraclegl2005

    oraclegl2005 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I ran the Dell diagnostic programs, both the express and the full, and both had all successful tests. So does that mean that this is a software issue and not my hard drive? Any other thoughts on anything I should check out or clean up programs or aything? I run Glary Utilities to clean my registry and I still got a BSOD later on.

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