BSODs happening increasingly often

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Oct 25, 2012
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  1. Hi Everyone

    I'm having a big problem with BSOD lately. It's been intermittent for a while bot now is happening more often. This kind of thing is way over my head and above my pay grade. I have a minidump file from a few minutes ago and I'm uploading it here. Please help me if there is someone out there that knows how to interperate this sort of thing. Please...and please again. LOL Thanks in advance. The instruction on the site said to attach the file to the post but when I try to "upload file" by click the button, it only allows me to select files of type that are not minidump. (.dmp). They seem to only be image formats and .zip files. Is it not possible to upload the minidump file here?
  2. Tmagic650

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    Go to C:\windows\minidump. Minidump files have a .dmp extension. Select all the files and right-click sending them to a compressed(zipped)folder. Upload that folder as a file here
  3. Bolex

    Bolex TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Should I also upload this file: C:\Users\James\AppData\Local\Temp\WER-234906-0.sysdata.xml ? I also have a message copied from a window that popped up after a BSOD crashed me with no warning at all. I pasted it into a notepad document. Would that error message be helpful in figuring out the problem? Thanks! I also have a photo of the BSOD I snapped with my cel phone. It can be clearly read.

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  4. Tmagic650

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    Do you see any yellow exclamation points in the device manager? Would it be possible to re-install Windows fresh, if you had to?
  5. Bolex

    Bolex TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Nah, device manager is cool. But I just ran memtest and did 4 3/4 passes with 28,000 errors. Memory is cooked huh? I had an overheating issue a couple of months ago but I thought I shut down in time and reseated my heatsink and the temperature was fine. The machine worked after that. Plus, the system has had random BSOD long before that. Just seems like now they're happening more frequently. Could it be a virus? I have kaspersky pure 2.0 and it says I'm protected.

    Reinstalling windows may not be a possibility for me right now. I have a ton of work that has to be done and looming deadlines. :(

    We're you able to look at the dump file? Did it give any insight into the possible problem.

    I don't think I ever listed the system specs. That'd be helpful, no? Asus p6t mobo, 24gb ddr3 ram (6 x 4gb sticks), i7x 3.33 speed, 12 cores, nvidia quadro 4000 card, FireWire connected audio input/interface device that serves as the "sound card" (tascam fw 1082,) big cooler master case?

    I'm going to remove and reseat the ram modules now. Thank you again for trying to help me.
  6. Bolex

    Bolex TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I pulled out n cleaned all the ram sticks using compressed air and a pencil eraser. I figured it was worth a shot that none of the sticks were cooked, but just dirty perhaps. I reinstalled them all and made sure they were seated nice and firmly. Ran memtest again and got errors again. Both last night's test and today's test started receiving errors immediately. Now I have just one stick and it's running memtest with no errors for 30 min now. I'm guessing that one of the sticks is bad and now I'll just go through all of them and find the culprit. However, there's still a chance that more than 1 stick is fried. Also, it could be that one or more slots are damaged. I'm not going to run full long tests on each stick because I don't have time
  7. Tmagic650

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    You might just replace all the memory modules...
  8. Bolex

    Bolex TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I located one bad module and put it aside. Memtest comes up clean on all others. I'll try to run it a little and see how it goes. Any issues with me running 5 sticks instead of 6?
  9. Tmagic650

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    That should be okay...

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