BT given two weeks to block Newzbin2 website


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UK ISP British Telecom (BT) has received 14 days to block access to the members-only usenet-aggregating site Newzbin2 after a high court judge ruled that BT knew the site was…

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Well technically they aren't just an ISP.

BT is one of the world?s leading communications services companies, serving the needs of customers in the UK and in more than 170 countries worldwide. Our main activities are the provision of fixed-line services, broadband, mobile and TV products and services as well as networked IT services.

Shocking they allowed this if they did have knowledge about it though.


This legal ruling will be childs' play to defeat. There are many, MANY free proxies.


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Well technically they aren't just an ISP.

Aye, and I can't stand pretty much all arms of the company either, and enlist the services of Virgin Media instead. :haha:

Though for all in intents and purposes it was the ISP-aspect of the BT group under the spotlight in this article.

EDIT: Though I don't think BT is any more guilty than any other British ISP is of not really caring what content we view, or download as torrents. I guess for now as a country we are much luckier than the USA.

I can see this ruling affecting change in our country now though as it does for the first time draw a line others can follow.