Budget Gaming PC specs, What games could it run

Hard Drive Capacity: 1TB Model: Savage8
Operating System: Windows
MPN: SAV8 1017 B-KMMH Monitor Keyboard Mouse Headset
Operating System Edition: Windows 7
Graphics Processing Type: Integrated/On-Board Graphics Processor Type: AMD A-Series 7650K
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R7 Series Processor Speed: 4.2GHz Overclocked
Processor Cores: Quad Core Memory: 8GB
Memory Speed: 1600MHz


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Ok, looking at the benchmarks it can run most games on 720p resolution at least 30FPS, if you follow this link - benchmarks - you can see them for yourself, for Alien: Isolation it will run ultra @ 720p @ an average of 32FPS. It can scrape through Total War: Atilla and GTA5 on 'Low' at 720p. It can also run GRID Autosport @ 1080p on medium settings ~45FPS, and 720p on 'Low' on Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor ~ 45FPS.

Obviously these are benchmarks for their particular system but expect something around this level, the real bottleneck is the APU here.