Buell is back in the bike-making business only this time they're electric

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Eric Buell is back in the bike-making business with a new venture manufacturing electric motorcycles and bicycles.

After going bankrupt and selling off all his Buell Racing assets in 2015, Eric partnered up with Sauber Motorsport CEO Frédéric Vasseur and motorsports investor and consultant Francois-Xavier Terny to build electric motorcycles. The startup named Fuell, an ironic play on Eric's name, announced two initial offering (four if you include variants).

First up is the Fuell Flow-1. Styled after your typical sports bike, The Flow-1 looks much like Buell’s gas-powered crotch rockets. The rear wheel houses the motor, which frees up 13 gallons of storage space on the chassis. Full specs are not yet available, but Fuell said the bike would have two variants. The Flow-1 will have an 11kWh powerplant, which is about the equivalent of a 125cc engine. The Flow-1S will carry a heftier 35kWh drive. Prices aren’t fixed yet, but Fuell said to expect the bikes to start around $11,000.

Fuell’s other offering is an electric bicycle called the Fluid-1. The bike has two removable batteries that power a 1kWh belt-driven motor. The gears are housed within the hub and can propel the standard model to a top speed of 20mph. An S variant can go about 28mph. Fuell claims the bike has a range of about 125 miles in the city on a single charge. The Fluid-1 will start around $3,300.

All offerings will be fully customizable with upgradable motors, chargers, and batteries. They will also have optional connected technology as well.

A solid release date has not been nailed down, but Fuell says Fluid deliveries will begin sometime in 2019 with the Flow arriving by early 2021. It is also working on a Fuell website, which will have all the specs and options up by mid-April.

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The pedal-powered bike doesn't have a generator and the motorcycle's aerodynamics aren't even optimized for pure electric. Seems rather fuellish to me.
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Yeah right. As they say, "hope springs eternal". I'm going to name the big one, "The Electric Indian". Let's see how long "the great spirit", lets it hang around this time.