Building a PC case what should I use

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Sep 14, 2009
  1. Im looking to build a pc case out a plexiglass (acrylic) but im worried about static buildup ruining my system, is plexiglass ok to use and if so should it be grounded? and how do i do that?
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    I do not think you will need to worry about static build up. As far as I know, nothing will have to be grounded, as this is done through your power supply. Have a look at THIS case. I almost bought this one myself, but then I got a hold of an old dell case that I'm modding.
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    Plexiglass does not inhibit the expulsion of static. There is no extra ground required besides that which is included in a psu for any case of any type.

    I have a waterproof case that i fitted my various components into. After I verified that everything was running, I removed all the fans and filled the case with new engine oil. Now i have Zero cooling issues and Zero dust build up issues! Tada!
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    Thanks for the help, i needed the information cuz im gonna build one for my shop project for school =D ill mak sure to post pics afterwards.
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