Built-in Mic problem w realtek HD

By Siggi
May 4, 2010
  1. Hi everyone

    Ive just bought my new Asus K42f laptop, wich works all fine. But the microphone is terrible. Using recording software or skype test-calls the sound is all pitched and muffled, and even if I boost the mic sound and sets all the levels on high, I still only gets a vague voice recording, while the backgroundsound it somehowe amplified. Ive adjusted all the Noise suppresion and "echo" buttoms but that makes little different. Basically its useless as a mic for e.g. skyping...

    If I use an plug-in mic it works perfect. Somehow it seems to be the in-built mic or the software.

    Ive read many threads on realtek mic problems in here, but they all seems to be detached to older versions of either software or hardware. Now that might not mean a thing, but since Im no expert on cp I cant dechifer the various suggestions, and those I try do not work.

    Ive spend and incredibly long time trying to fix this on my own, being very stubborn by nature, but now I must reach out for some help.

    Can any of you tell me what to do?

  2. Dalmighty

    Dalmighty TS Rookie

    If the mic is really that bad, then it would probably be the fault of the manufacturer. Either deal with it and update the newest drivers, or get a headset with a mic.
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