Burn ISO files

  1. On many occasions it is necessary to burn an ISO to a CD.

    The Recovery Console, for instance, can be downloaded and a CD made, to use when the XP CD is an OEM edition and does not include the Recovery Console, or the XP CD was never provided as the installation was to the HDD with a recovery partition.

    Puppy Linux, used to boot when Windows will not, and recover your data, also requires an ISO burner. Another post by me covers the use of this invaluable facility:

    There are any number of ISO burning programs available and some editions of the well known burning software include the capability to burn an ISO.

    For those members who need one, this is probably one of the easiest to use, it requires hardly any resources to run and the graphical interface is simple to understand. It can be used on XP, Vista and other editions of Windows. It cannot be used on Windows 7.

    Do NOT insert the burning medium until the program asks for it.

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