Burning DVD taking too long?

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Apr 11, 2008
  1. Hi there,
    Sorry but i dont know what this would come under... so if i have put this in the wrong spot... Mods please change it...
    Well atm my desktop PC is a intel dual core 2 with 1 GHz ram... I am using nero to copy dvds and it seems that it is taking way too long to burn a single dvd... Like 55 minutes to be exact.

    It only takes me roughly 12 minutes on my notebook. Would someone be able to tell me why i is taking so long? Is it hardware related or software or maybe abit of both... My firned has the exact pc and i have told him to try test out by burning a movie to see how long it takes... i havent notice how long the porblems has been existing.. I ahve used such programs as Nero 7 Esstentials, DVD shrink etc... Does anyone know what program would be fastest to burn? i think atm i am burning at 16x tho its the smae speed on my notebook but the time differnece varies greatly.. Please help???

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    Try burning at a slower speed, like 8x. Watch the buffer in Nero, does it fill up and then empty constantly? I'm talking about the big buffer bar, not the small one that is the drive buffer, although that should be consistently above 85%.

    Its possible your drive is in PIO mode rather than DMA so you should check that out too.
  3. chirag_gada

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    there can b many reasons for that...

    1> due to fragmanted files
    2> due to many services running in ur pc
    3> if none of above work, try updating ur optical drive's firmware.
    4> still there's problem, then prob is with the software... try some other burning software like DEEP BURNER which is a freeware.
  4. miz_ii_die_iv

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    so it should be in dma or pio....
  5. SNGX1275

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    Should be in DMA
  6. miz_ii_die_iv

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    hmm is that device 0 or device 1:

    device 0 was on PIO mode i change it to dma... is that right also it says current mode transfer still in pio... is that correct??

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  7. SNGX1275

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    Yeh, that could very well be the problem. It won't switch to DMA until you reboot. Even then it might not, so you'd have to delete the drive from device manager and reboot and have it redetect.
  8. miz_ii_die_iv

    miz_ii_die_iv TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OMG than alot guys its actually working now.... hahhaha.... thanx so much u samved me i would have never found that out if it wasnt for u guys..........thanx heaps....... funny thing was i thought it was my ram n wwnt to buy 2gb... lol oh well .. still good... ^_^
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