Build a PC Buying a new PC.. Is this worth the money?


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Hi, i am currently looking at buying a new PC. I want something that will last and was just wondering your thoughts and opinions on this build, is it relatively safe in terms of not needed to be upgraded anytime soon and is it worth the money... thanks for your time.

Intel core i5 2400 quad core 3.1ghz
asus p8z68-v lx
8gb Ram ddr3 1600mhz
2Gb AMD Radeon HD7850
500gb sata III 6gbHDD 7200rpm 16mb cache
corsair 650w power supply
Triple copper heat pipe Intel CPU cooler
Asus xonar dg5.1 sound card
24x dvd writer
windows 7 inc.
Fancy case with all the fans, lights, bells and whistles required

I also get 7 years breakdown insurance as standard
all for £820 (Equivalent $1312)


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You could get a better spec if you built it yourself but if you're not into that then yeah, that looks to be a decent build for the price.

If your budget allows it try to incorporate an SSD, it's worth the money IMO.


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I agree with building one. It's very easy and for the $1300 you are going to spend it would turn out being a much better machine in the long run.
HD7850 - $250
2400 - $190
Asus z68-v lx $125
500 GB WD Caviar Blue $100
8GB Ram $40
Corsair 650 $90
CPU cooler $40
DVD-R $20
Win 7 64bit $100
Case $150 ($150 just gives you a lot of case options, you don't have to spend it all)

Total - $1105
Still leaves $200 for a 128GB SSD ;)
Upgrade to the ASUS Z68-V/Gen 3 board for $55 and get SLI support, PCI 3.0, Intel Gigabit, bluetooth, USB 3.0 front header connection and a bunch of other goodies.