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We learned about Cadillac's plans to include a gigantic 38-inch curved OLED screen in its new Escalade, and the automaker has now revealed the SUV in the flesh. Before getting to the infotainment tech, let's take a look at the powertrain underpinning the new model.

Buyers can choose from two engines, both of which use a 10-speed automatic transmission. The standard option is GM's 6.2-liter V8 that makes 420 hp / 460 lb-ft, alongside the company's debut of the torquey Duramax unit for the Escalade, which is a 3.0-liter inline-six diesel engine rated for 277 hp / 460 lb-ft.

Fuel economy would be helped by the high number of gears as well as Cadillac's cylinder-deactivation technology, though the buyer of an SUV like this probably doesn't worry too much about mileage.

Occupants are likely to observe a better ride quality as the new model gets an independent rear suspension design and magnetic dampers. There will also be an optional air-suspension system and an electronic limited-slip differential for those who dare to take this behemoth to its handling limits.

The Escalade's interior, however, is where Cadillac has really turned things up a notch. The bigger body size and improved suspension have allowed for a 68% increase in cargo space for the third row, where legroom is now 10-inches more than the outgoing model.

The 38-inch curved OLED display is made up of a 7.2-inch touch screen on the left of the steering wheel that serves as the driver information center. The main display is a customizable 14.2-inch panel for showing vehicle speed, rpm, warning indicators, fuel level, and other related info. To the right is the biggest screen at 16.9-inches used for infotainment.

An advanced navigation system uses augmented reality tech to display real-time images of streets and directional overlays to the driver with the help of the back, side and front-mounted cameras. It also uses the vehicle's speakers to output directional audio, which means drivers prompted to turn left will hear the navigation voice from that side.

The SUV also gets Cadillac's Super Cruise self-driving for the first time. The system is said to have been improved with over 200,000 miles of mapped highways to allow for freehand operation and driver monitoring in case any input is required on their part.

Along with the curved OLED screen, Cadillac will offer a 19-speaker AKG speaker system as standard on the Escalade, while those looking to go even higher can opt for a 36-speaker setup that features three separate amplifiers and includes driver units in the ceiling, headrests and the center console.

The 2021 Escalade's price is yet to be revealed, but the vehicle is expected to go on sale in the third quarter of this year and will follow the company's "Y-shaped" model structure for luxury and sport trims.

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Heh, used obviously. No way I could justify the price of a new caddy.
I was reading cadi reviews yesterday, and someone gave it one star for buying it for 60k and not being able to sell for more than 24k year later. I felt sorry for him while also feeling a bit guilty because I was on that second end once, buying a very nice car I had many fun rides in for less than half its new price.


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So an oled screen and still images on the screen, does it not mean burn ins? 5 years from release, are they not making a second screen for all the buyers to replace for 5 thousand dollars right after warranty runs out?
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That interior picture just goes to show how biased our European journalists are when reviewing American cars. It looks better than the dashboard of any European car I've seen, even on ones costing upwards of 100 000.
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Uncle Al

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When I get mine I want that autonomous robot (female version) that can drive me around, cook, clean, mow the grass and doing it all in one of those black tights like the gal had in the original Matrix .... of course by the time that happens I probably will be too old to care or even remember why I wanted that .... oh yeah, she'll have to be able to change diapers too!
So an oled screen and still images on the screen, does it not mean burn ins? 5 years from release, are they not making a second screen for all the buyers to replace for 5 thousand dollars right after warranty runs out?
They'll probably cry real hard when the second or third hand buyers comes in to the dealership to replace the broken expensive parts.

Seriously, this is a problem with many newer higher end cars that have tons of high tech equipment all over the car. Have fun replacing those twin Turbos or trying to find the weird electric problem in the miles of wiring that's in the cars.

While all this comfort and safety equipment is great for the original (and maybe even second hand) buyer, this often makes standard tasks like replacing a windshield or doing an alignment much more expensive if sensors need to be re calibrated.

And in the end that should reduce the vehicles' overall life time as at a certain point repairs are simply not economically justifiable (if even possible - parts need to be available).

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