Bottom line: We've seen some pretty fancy infotainment screens in modern vehicles, some of which even replace traditional instrument panels entirely (see the Tesla Model 3 for an example of that). However, Cadillac seemingly wants to outdo them all with its upcoming 2021 Escalade SUV.

The luxury carmaker today announced that the vehicle will feature a massive, curved 38-inch OLED display, with "twice" the pixel density of a 4K TV. For reference, that's significantly bigger than the average PC monitor, and it's about on par with some smaller living room televisions.

Of course, the exact form factor of this display is not known at the moment, so those comparisons may not mean much. It's 38 inches diagonally, but we're not sure exactly how tall or wide it will be. However, a brief teaser clip published on Cadillac's official Twitter account gives us a slight hint. You can see that below.

From what we can see in the video, it seems the company could be aiming for a full, dashboard-length screen. Still, it's hard to say, as the clip obfuscates a lot of critical details; likely intentionally.

Cadillac says it will unveil its 2021 Escalade – not to be confused with the upcoming "Escalade-like" electric SUV – during "Oscars week"; or February 4, 2020, to be more specific. The vehicle will launch later in the year.

We don't know any other specifics about this behemoth of an in-car display, such as what features it will have or whether it will support touchscreen input, but we'll certainly keep you updated if any new details come to light.

Masthead credit: Shutterstock