California will require all newly-sold trucks to be zero-emissions by 2045


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You do realize your article is from 2016 right?

Even by 2018, that number was down to 4.13%

FYI the national average from coal power is 11%. If you are trying to convince people that cali is in fact dirty, you are having the opposite effect.

Well for starters smog still exists in the US

Second, the US certainly did have severe smog issues

There are dozens and dozen of articles on the subject. The only reality I'm living in is the one where I'm not burying me head in the sand like a numbskull.

The whole "people are moving out of cali thing" is just off topic. First, you've provided no proof to back it up. Second, people move out of states all the time. I assume you mean in mass but you never specified. Third, people move for a variety of reasons. Attributing it to whatever point you happen to be on is foolish at best. You can't bend the rules of the world to fit your point.
All over the news a few years ago here, our govenor was luring California companies here in droves and they brought their employees with them. No state income tax, other tax burdens are lighter, and in general Texas is alot more bussiness friendly than Cali or any blue state. It made headlines here for a good long while all the companies relocating, and I meet plenty of relocated people while driving Uber. It's a simple fact. And it's things like the electric mandate that will only encourage more bussinesses to leave. It already costs more money to do bussiness in Cali than other places, and now they intend to require all electric trucks, raising costs even more, while having a shorter range than normal trucks.
Coal is the #2 source of power in the US behind natural gas, which is nearly zero-emission. You'd think the enviro-cultists would be all for building more gas power plants but their not..somehow drilling to extract a clean and efficient power source is against their religion.
Not actually true in any respect.
1) Natural gas is not nearly zero emission. Being lower emission than coal isn't saying much. See graph at link below for comparative emissions / kWh of numerous electricity generation methods. And opposition to it is almost universally based on the scientifically visible health risks. Has nothing to do with religion.

2) If you are looking at coal as the #2 source of power in the US, you are looking at old information. Click on that link to find the newest information. Lately coal is #4 behind both nuclear and wind/solar which get aggregated in the EIA rankings.
3) This is a requirement for 20 years in the future. Go compare investments in new power plants made in the USA in the last several years. You will see a total of 0 new coal plants being planned, while there are dozens of new utility scale wind and solar farms in the works. The amount of emissions generated today from electricity creation are significantly more than they will be in 20 years.
Why are people moving out of Cali then? You seem to be living a different reality then the rest of other normal people in the US. There was never toxic haze in US since, at least last 50 years. Mainly because you have no more industry, it's in China. Don't mind the hooligans and police nuttered. That's not toxic at all.
Use the internet. You can get information from it. California's population is not declining, and WHO estimates that 7 million people die every year from air pollution and that 90% of us breathe polluted air every day.
Do you benefit from air pollution? Why would you try to protect it?
There is a great deal of research going on right now into batteries that use something other than lithium. As I see it, it would be nothing more than a bet to invest in lithium at this point.
Good point - especially the most valuable American automaker (which has still not yet released their upcoming Semi and will be hosting battery day soon to tell us all about it) has been investing in lithium-lite and lithium-free battery technology. Also, the requirement is not to make trucks 100% Battery-electric. Hydrogen is still a possibility here and Nikola plans to make hydrogen semis - which may help address the range problem.
Housing crisis in Texas tripled prices in Austin and DFW as more people where moving in from predominantly California, it made headlines here everytime another company decided to ditch commiefornia and relocate to Texas. My sister bought a house in 2012 for 63k, she sold it in 2015 for 218k, she did no major repairs, it still looked outdated and needed repairs, the price was simply because so many people where flocking to the region their wasn't enough housing. We even have number stickers and a few put up billboards, such as don't California my Texas, or Texas is full go back to California.
Wait, what? Are you complaining about a $155k profit? I'll take it. I live in another state whose population isn't growing, and my house is also worth about twice what we paid for it in 2011 - It's mostly the economy rebounding from the 2008 crash but also, Austin area has hordes of good jobs - which is why people want to move there. I don't think it's related to air quality much. Check out Whisper Valley development in Austin though. I hear they are building a lot of reasonably priced homes there.


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So more trucks will be bought&registered outside of California to avoid the legislation.
Similar behaviour already occurs for vehicles in Australia (choose a cheaper State) and ships (choose a cheaper country).