Call of Duty: Black Ops gets patch for dual, quad-core CPUs

By Matthew ยท 57 replies
Nov 12, 2010
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  1. dose this Cpu support black ops?
    AMD Athlon II X2 250 Dual Core Processor Socket AM3 3.0GHZ
    Happy hunting
  2. Thank you,that's what i've been saying for a long time now.I don't play games online so i just do the single player missions and since COD:MW2 they have gone down hill.
  3. Zecias

    Zecias TS Booster Posts: 202

    A large majority?
    anyway, check your hardware surveys

    and one more time, he was asserting that they cannot, and are not optimized for more than a single core, and that it does not make a difference because the GPU is running the whole show...obviously not.

    I do do every day, If I was only giving the gamers two cores for games today...I would be out of business. If you are a gamer, and have more than two cores, you should log your CPU while you play... what you find may surprise you.

    If its so overwhelmingly GPU dependent, why do you need to have equal or "matched up" GPU/CPU?[/QUOTE]

    i was wrong about most games using only 2 cores, but it still doesn't make much of a difference for most people in the performance of the game. why u ask? good question.
    lets say 10% of people know how to balance their gpus and cpu to maximize the performance of each.
    45% of people have comps that have a better gpu and 45% have a better cpu.
    of the 45% that have a better gpu, half(22.5%) have intel processors.
    of the 22.5% without intel processors, half(11.25%) dont have enough ram.
    45% have a better cpu = doesn't help the performance much, if at all because the cpu already out performs the gpu
    22.5% with intel processors = intel cpus have hyper threading and turbo boost. as more threads r used, the cpu is overclocked(turbo boost) less. as less threads r used, the cpu is overclocked more. because of turbo boost, u only get significant improvement if the gpu is much stronger than the cpu.
    11.25% with too little ram = the limited amount of ram is limiting performance, improving the cpu wont help much until u improve the ram.
    so around 5-15% get good performance boosts from this update.(this is an estimation because i dont know the actual statistics for alot of variables i just used 50% to try to keep it even)
    most game engines are heavily reliant on the GPU. the only CPU based engine i can think of is the source engine. in other words having a crap CPU will be better than having a crap GPU(i never said that having a bad cpu wont affect performance, i just said it will make less of an impact than having a bad gpu). I DO NOT DENY THAT USING A 1 CORE CPU WILL KILL PERFORMANCE. i dont know y u keep assuming that.
    u use a matched gpu/cpu because it u get to maximize performance and save money(u save money because u dont buy an overly powerful, and expensive, component that wont even be fully utilized).
  4. sounds like you have a shitty pentium 3
  5. a mobo/cpu/ram combo (200-300 euros), or the best you can afford and upgrade it every 4 years with the same budget. upgrade your gpu best you can afford (200-250 euros) every 2 years for the same price. get a damn quad anyway, can't hurt to have it. get what you can at about that rhythm and you can't go wrong. only shame is waiting for quad to be taken advantage of more, but who cares, is there as such a thing as having too much cpu? No F*cking way.
  6. still the game should work no matter what

    i see allot of peeps here like " u kno its a pc game" i mean how should that make difference

    its 2010 , they bring a game out aka '07 i payed 60 euro for it

    i play all games on my pc without problems except this one keeps freezing every 60 sec

    and u cant be mad about it? lmao give me a break kids ...

    i rlly hope no one buys the next one , i sure will not lol

    they make 1 billion dollars on this game and u cant play it because it got coded in 1 yr

    rather buy Gran Turismo 5 as they worked on that for yrs lol
  7. because if i use an i7 with 8 cores those cores are going to slow the game down unless you actually use them. which is why i have an i5 650 you dont need more than two cores for gaming. intel just has a way for *****s to spend more money on something they will never need
  8. unreality6794

    unreality6794 TS Rookie

    All of these people who were bashing black ops should see it now... the game runs perfect. it's just very cpu hungry which is fine... my gts 450 almost maxes it out... but I cant play with my q6600 2.4ghz at stock speed, but it plays great with my 3.0ghz overclock.

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