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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition detailed

By Shawn Knight · 12 replies
Sep 1, 2011
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  1. A leaked European flyer details everything that is included in the Hardened Edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The highly anticipated game isn’t scheduled for release until November…

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  2. aint nobody can polish ****
  3. Darkshadoe

    Darkshadoe TS Guru Posts: 571   +112

    Actually under the right circumstances, you can polish ****. This has been proven on Mythbusters.
  4. robert bowling, your mom should have swallowed you
  5. pcnthuziast

    pcnthuziast TS Rookie Posts: 313

    I've actually enjoyed most of the CoD SP campaigns over the years, but the MP is... well... not BF. Nuff said.
  6. Holyscrap

    Holyscrap TS Enthusiast Posts: 43   +18

    @darkshadoe +1 to that (i love Mythbusters too) Also the phrase has a metaphorical meaning too, but this and every meaning of the phrase was rendered pretty much useless by this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artist's_shit
    Literally £97,250 for a piece of **** xD
  7. Just give me my freaking hardened edition and im happy
  8. Wot about Prestige Edition? It would just be this and a special item
  9. yall are dumb you keep saying its play station this and that but if you look at the flyer from the suppoused leak its the xbox 360 disc lmao
  10. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,041   +793

    I really hope this CoD is absolutely crap in every sense of the "Crap" as I want the franchise to die. What Activision did to the orginal developer (Infinity Ward) was diabolical and every game since their departure has been rubbish.

    In a way I hope this is a good game as I can still play CoD2 and MW and find both quite fun, MW2 was a complete let down multiplayer wise and BO was aweful. I have actually purchased a CoD since MW anyhow. Although 90% of me wants this game to fail miserably.
  11. wanting a franchise to die that supports veterans looking for a *new* life is truly disturbing Burty117..so sad of u do think that about a situation...if u dont like it then have nothing to say rather than post negative comments...the world needs less people that thinks like u
  12. your right, modern warfare 2 was a letdown in multiplayer but not half as much as black ops -.-
    if modern warfare 3 can A) get rid of tactical insertion completely and B) sort the F***KING spawn systems out then i will be a happy ps3 user :)
  13. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,686   +350


    I wasn't aware of this and I'm sure Burty117 wasn't either. It's good that they give money to this cause but it doesn't excuse the game being poor. I enjoyed MW2 as I hadn't played the original MW or World at War so it was something new to me. I ignored Black Ops completely as for me it was very much MW2.5. A new upgrade/perk system and maps. Nothing much else was added. If you think of any other type of software these upgrades would probably be sold as a service pack rather than a full application. This is how I feel about the milking that is being performed on the CoD cash cow.

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