Call of Duty: MW2

By Matt123Sinclair
Dec 3, 2009
  1. Call of Duty: MW2 choppy performance

    Having a problem with choppy performance. Works ok for about 5 min then slows way down cant control for 3 min then starts working fine again for about 2 min and this keeps going on. pc works fine otherwise. I have an ASUS notebookg50VT 64-bit system. Cant figure it out.
  2. Relic

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    Did you have issues with the single player dropping FPS and performance when a lot of action was going on and how about other games? If so try lowering settings to improve performance. While your laptop is said to be a gaming one, it still might be a bit slower on new games. From benchmarks I've seen thou its pretty solid for a laptop running Crysis @ 800x600 DX9 on High no AA around 35 - 40 FPS. So not sure what's giving you trouble.

    Or are you having issues while playing online? If so, it could be caused by the matchmaking nonsense of MW2. You might want to fiddle around with your settings to get it just right and lower your ping, also I hope your not running off a WiFi big no no for gaming :p .

    Hope I helped a bit, g/l man.
  3. montyhar2

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    Could you please list your full system specs, including Power supply.
    A good program to use is Everest which can be downloaded from my signature.

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