Call of duty UO and below problems

By Just wanna play
Mar 30, 2008
  1. I recently downloaded a COD UO demo to my computer to test it out and see how it will run because i have a LAN party coming up and we'll be playing it.
    I can start it up but when it gets to the menu screen i get a bunch of crazy artifacts on the screen. I had this problem before with all games(Except COD UO) but changing my AGP bus speed to 2x fixed the problem. Ive tried to play COD 2 but i lag really bad when i get into fire-fights.
    Ive used the tool at to see if my computer will run COD UO and i get well over the recomended requirements for the game.
    Im running 511.5 MB RAM, And a AGP 256 MB Geforce FX 5500.
    Could this be a problem with the chipset on the card not being comptaible with UO?
    Or maybe something else?
    Thanks in advance for all of your help
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