Can a Pentium 4 fit on a 0WF887 motherboard which previously held a Celeron D?

By Jelanicheatz · 4 replies
Dec 4, 2008
  1. I own a celeron D processor and would like to upgrade to a Pentium 4 but i am worried that my mother board would not be able to support the Pentium 4....can any one help me out as to telling me if it would support it?

    my motherboard info:
    Motherboard Vendor: Dell Computer Corp.
    Motherboard Model: 0WF887
    Serial: ..CN7082167202B3.
    Ports: 16
    System Slots: 3

    tell me if any other info is required
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    If interested.I have a pair of 1.7GHz socket478 P4s you can have.
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    go to the manufactuer's website tech support. It will tell you the max cpu the board should take. Even though the slot is the same, the architecture may not allow it on the cpu.
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