Can Anyone Really Track My Phone’s Precise Location?


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It’s the year 2019, and everyone willingly carries a tracking device in their pockets. People can have their precise locations tracked in real time by the government, advertising companies, and even rogue bounty hunters. It sounds like dystopian fiction—but it’s a reality.

We like debunking sensationalist stories, but this latest controversy is true. Your phone’s precise location can be tracked in several different ways.FULL ARTICLE


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Your phone is capable of determining its location and sharing it in the background, even if the screen is off. You don’t need to have an app open.

You can see this yourself if you use a service like Apple’s Find My Friends, which is included on iPhones. ... After you give someone access, they can open the app, and Apple’s servers will ping your iPhone, get your location, and show it to them. It’s a convenient way to see whether your partner is on the way home from work yet or find your friends in a crowd
I have a senior citizen which I track in this manner -- notice -- with his consent.

So it's not some black-opts, nefarious activity (with the Find my Friends app).
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Thanks for chiming in. I saw this on my local news a few days ago & don't remember if it was at & t or t-mobile or ?? that was guilty of it. If I locate the story, I will post it.


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Your mobile operator can trace your location easily, your sim card has an option to provide them your location.


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Now I'm confused, I have an android, no sim card yet I can do my email & watch my local news on it via their app.


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Don't forget your phone has its own dedicated ip address provided by the carriers.
If you are connecting through your own home network router it will be given a ip address from it and your isp provider instead.

There is no real way to not be tracked directly, gps enabled or not.
No Doubt that one can track your precise phone location by the sim card or the IP and MAC Address in the android phone or by Google Find My Location if your google account is logged in in the phone.