Can I eliminate a faulty driver without being able to boot?


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I run LogMeIn software, and last night it required an update to an active-x driver, or so it said. I permitted the download and installation, but I (wrongly) refused to allow the immediate reboot (I know, but I was busy with something else, and the option to 'reboot later' was offered.)

Now on bootup I get blue screen 'session3_initialization_failed 6F'.
Same on safe mode boot as well, unfortunately.

I can boot with UBCD4WIN CD and so I can, to a greater or lesser extent, poke around on my system. My question is, if I can identify which new driver (vxd) was just installed, is there a way I can remove that driver from the bootup sequence so my system can boot at all, and then reinstall it correctly?

Or is my best bet to manually roll back the registry files to a working date?

In the ultimate situation, I have a drive image from quite recently, so am reasonably happy to try quick-fixes before the nuclear option.