Can I play Black Ops 2 on a PCI card like Nvidia 6200?

Guys plz help dad wont let me I cnt upgrade ma pc..I myself cn afford a pci it run latest games?


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If that's your graphics card, then the rest of the system must be ancient. I'm gonna go with 'NO'.

To test: download Steam and Team Fortress 2. Turn resolution and all settings to minimum. Does the game run acceptably?


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Ugh. St1ckM4n is thinking along the correct lines...

I'm going to be a bit more patient though. Your question doesn't include very much information, and on the face of it, Sticky is right, the answer is No.

However, I suspect you just aren't using the right terms. What hardware is in your computer? If it really is "PCI and VGA" then yep, you are hosed, that is stuff from 15-18 years ago. However if you mean PCIe and are just confused about monitors, that is an entirely different thing.


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Also, just so we're clear - how much money do you have to spend? Black Ops 2 still costs like $30. And the latest games are $50+ each. Note: Techspot doesn't support pirated software. ;)

And you say you CAN upgrade graphics card? And you found a NVidia 6200 for sale, cheap?

It would be good to get a full system report with a tool like 'Speccy'. And the answer to the above questions.