Can I use my Linksy and Netgear routers together?

By IamNumber1
Oct 26, 2009
  1. I have a problem trying to use my netgear router and my linksy router. My main computer and internet comes from the first floor. I have my netgear router hooked up to the main computer and internet box hooked up to the router. I have 1 line from my router going to my main computer, another line going to the second floor, and another line going to the 3rd floor. Well I added another computer on the second floor and I need another line and another in the future. My netgear doesn't have enough room for another ethernet cord and its a pain trying to get a cord to the second floor.

    So I tried bringing out my old linksy router and hooked it up on my second floor. So the line from the netgear router going to the second floor is now going to the linksy router. Connected a cord to the linksy for the line going to the second floor. Then added another cord for my office.

    Well it works for a little but then loses connection once in awhile. I would say it looses connection every 10 mins for about a minute.

    Is there anyway for this to work?

    A few details:

    - Netgear router is the model WGR614 v6
    - My linksy router model is BEFSR41
    - I am using a wireless connetion for my third floor computer, I am using the netgear wireless model WG111T.
    - I also have a cord going to the third floor for my xbox 360. It doesnt have any connection to it and its hooked up to the netgear router on the first floor.
    - I am using the 2nd floor cord for another xbox 360, that one goes online but when it goes to play a game it signs off. That cord is also going to the netgear router on the first floor.
    - When I type in search bar, "" I get the netgear router site and not the linksy site.

    Any suggestions on how to go about this?
  2. Ruthe

    Ruthe TS Booster Posts: 70

    Welcome. I see that the Netgear is wireless. That is most likely the problem. I know you set it up as the gateway and the linksys as a router. Address - I'm surprised. I assume you checked them. Would this help?

    Also know the wireless signal will tend to drop down (not up) and if you use it, the Netgear should be as high up as possible.

    I would suggest to carefully check the settings on both routers and if possible, swap them.
  3. Ruthe

    Ruthe TS Booster Posts: 70

    There are a lot of things you can check and do, but since you haven't replied, I will assume you have solved the problem.
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