Build a PC Can my power supply run my new video card?

Hi all. I just bought a graphics card that needs 350 watts and +12v with 20 amps to run. My power supply has to following output:

+5V 22A MAx -12V 1A max
+5V (FP) 2A Max +3.3V 17A max
+12VA 18A max +12VB 18A max

combined power on +12VA and +12VB rails must not exceed 360 watts

Total combined power must not exceed 375 watts

Can it run the card?
Thanks all.


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Hi, could you please post a little more detail.
Instead of saying graphics card, it would help if you said the actual graphics card.
Instead of power supply, you could say what power supply you have.
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The card is a Geforce GT 630, which says it requires 350watts and +12V at 20 amps.
I have no idea what brand the power supply is, it came with the computer. But I have listed its output in detail above.