Build a PC Can my power supply run my new video card?


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Hi all. I just bought a graphics card that needs 350 watts and +12v with 20 amps to run. My power supply has to following output:

+5V 22A MAx -12V 1A max
+5V (FP) 2A Max +3.3V 17A max
+12VA 18A max +12VB 18A max

combined power on +12VA and +12VB rails must not exceed 360 watts

Total combined power must not exceed 375 watts

Can it run the card?
Thanks all.


Hello, nice to meet you!
Hi, could you please post a little more detail.
Instead of saying graphics card, it would help if you said the actual graphics card.
Instead of power supply, you could say what power supply you have.


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The card is a Geforce GT 630, which says it requires 350watts and +12V at 20 amps.
I have no idea what brand the power supply is, it came with the computer. But I have listed its output in detail above.