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By Bendeswede
Mar 1, 2010
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  1. A week ago I lost the ability to sign in to and I am using a HP Pavillion 9000 laptop. This message is written on my wifes Compac Presario laptop, and no problem signing on to

    Here is the dilemma, I am using the same ISP server for both laptops, one working and the other not. We are connected to our router Linksys 56. I believed that something was wrong with my HP 9000 so I formated the harddrive and reinstalled Vista. (puuuh, lots of work because of all the updates from the last 3 years). Well, now all is back to normal and the HP 9000 runs great as usual. So, no benefits by reinstalling Vista because I still can not sign in to

    Going to a circle on the left side of the WGT screen stops at 100 and just continue rotate and rotate, and doesn't let me in to WGT, and still does rotate as I write this message. I have been in contact several times with WGT and have received several letters asking me to change ISP and proxys.
    I contacted my ISP and they have checked everything and nothing wrong there. I have tried 5 different proxy servers with no result, circle is still at 100 and rotating and rotating without letting me in.

    Had a similar problem in January but of course on both laptops and it disapperad after a couple of days.

    I think that my disappoinment is the last mail from WGT , read below;

    Hi Ben, I'm sorry that this is so frustrating, but as we predicted last time you had this issue, this will happen to you every time we update the game. When we have a new release, you do not always get the latest version of some files. The fact that you were able to play after some time passed last time probably means that your ISP is slowly fetching the correct files and the situation will likely improve over time

    The problem is caused by a misconfigured proxy that is being used by your ISP. There is nothing we can do on our end to resolve this issue for you. As we've said before, you have two options that might help. 1. Contact your ISP about the fact that your proxy is affecting your WGT experience (likely because it is ignoring query string parameters). 2. Use another public proxy that bypasses your ISP's proxy. The use of this option would have to come at your own risk. You will likely experience slower connection speeds, and there is a potential security concern if you use the proxy for other non-game activity (such as banking, etc.), as the operator of the proxy could potentially be monitoring traffic through their network.

    Otherwise, you can just wait like last time to see if things improve over time. I'm sorry, but we can't help you. The problem is not on our end, it is a proxy issue. Thanks, WGT

    Remember we have 2 laptops connected to the same router and ISP, but only one connect , and the other one doesn't.
    As I said earlier, the HP Pavillion has a new Vista installation and runs great and fast wherever I go on Internet and all the games......WGT, what is the problem.
    IF ONE WORKS SHOULDN'T BOTH WORK, same connection????????

    HELP! Bendeswede
  2. jmbutler

    jmbutler TS Rookie

    Hey I know this was posted over 2 years ago but I have exactly the same trouble with on my new laptop. Has anyone found an answer to this one yet?

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